I was so low that I realize that I couldn’t live my life like in the valley, gutter or trenches. Sure, I thought about giving up. But I remembered; that no matter where I was in life, giving up wasn’t an option. I was in a very dark place, and I could hear the laughs of those I had helped see they never wanted to see me with all those fabulous things but me having a giving heart they continued to stay around to take. I could hear that dark voice saying, (give up -2), you have nothing, and now you’re displaced, there’s nothing to fight or live for, all that you love has been stripped away from you.

I was hurt, distraught and broken. Regardless, I refused to give up, so again I began to look around; I started wondering how could I get up and out of the valley, the gutter, and how could I overcome such a dark place? I started to remember that if I believed in God, my higher being, I had my health and strength. I had my right mind, there was nothing I couldn’t do. I reminded myself that no matter what I was going through, what it looked like, God had the final say in my life, for I gave my higher being complete control, but I would act. Four Shades Of Grey was just a dark zone that I decided to fight my way out of, for life is meant to live to the fullest.


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