Fears & Phobias Controlled With Self Hypnosis​​

Fears & Phobias Controlled With Self Hypnosis​​

Day in and day out, people of all walks of life suffer​​ from Fears, Phobias, Panic Attacks, Anxiety, and Uncontrolled Stress! In most cases, one allows those awful feelings to become bullies and take control, making one’s life a living hell! I’miaG has taken the skills of hypnosis and created the ultimate life-changing tool. The tool that allows one to regain control, balance, and happiness in one’s life.

With this amazing USB DATA STICK “Fear, Phobias, Anxiety Attacks, Panic Attacks, and Uncontrolled Stress” will be a thing of the past, for it will aid the listener in ridding one ‘s self of the greedy little troll that brings those awful feelings to rob one of an enjoyable life. Restore your life and emotional balance almost effortless, and start living again.


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